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Chris McJunkin is a freelance comic illustrator, sequential artist,
painter, letterer, & graphic designer.  

He has recently contributed to Marvel and Upper Deck's
Masterpieces 2020",
"Spider-Man: Far From Home", "Marvel
Premier 2019", "Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years", "Marvel Flair
2019", "Marvel Masterpieces 2018", "Avengers: Infinity War", "Ant-
Man & the Wasp", "Marvel Premiere 2017" and "Black Panther"
Official Sketch Card Series.

He is currently working on "The Amoral Stingray" and "Dogtown" for
New Haven Comics and "Mars Attacks!" Sketch Cards.

His past credits include work for  803 Studios, Red Ninja
Productions, Heske's Horror, Antartic Press & Arcana. He has also
contributed to Versicolor's Bettie Page Card Series and Image
Comics' Dynamo 5 Sketch Card Series.

If you would like to contact Chris, you can reach
him at